About Us

There is no doubt that whatever might be the nature of adversity, it is children that usually bear the brunt of the problem. Talk about famines, health and nutrition, natural calamities or war and strife and horror pictures of children always emerge that strike at the collective conscience of people all over the world. It is for this very reason that a large number of Government, quasi-Government and Non-Government Organisations have now got together to fight this menace.

But is the collective effort of these bodies bearing any fruit? Is the globe seeing measurable and tangible results? That is what we at artreliefforchildren.org have decided to find out.

Our blog spot is dedicated exclusively to organisations working for the welfare of children in different countries. We would like to know their goals and objectives, what motivated them to start off on their journey and what areas of child development they work in. For this, we invite contributions from experts in this area and others who have a practical hands-on approach in this field. Your invaluable blogs will shed more light on an area that in spite of being so crucial is hardly highlighted.

There are many aspects that you the blogger can touch upon. However, a few examples will help in your efforts.

Write in about a international bodies that work in your location. Tell us how they are aiding in improving the quality of life of children. UNICEF is one organisation that has its presence in about 190 countries. If you know about their activities, please do write in to us.

Further, most agencies in this field, whether international or national or local have periodical camps and special programmes that seeks to raise funds for a specific project. Highlight these events through our blog spot so that those interested can take part in the programmes for their greater success.

If you are a blogger, there is a lot you can do for children by spreading awareness about the people and organisations that work tirelessly and selflessly for the betterment of children. Write on our blog spot with news, information and trivia in this regard and do your bit for the kids.